Welcome to Mathison Park Churchill, Victoria.

Featuring a playground, picnic facilities including BBQs, shelters and toilets, and Lake Hyland with surrounding walking paths and other features,
Mathison Park is easily accessible as an inclusion in a day trip.
It lies approx 160 km east of Melbourne, off the Princes Highway and is a wonderful family oriented park just waiting for you to visit.  Directions

What to do?

Mathison Park Churchill gravel path


Mathison Park Churchill, upgraded pathwayYou can walk around Lake Hyland which is surrounded by a gravel path and a boardwalk over the grassland/wet areas. It’ll take you about 20 to 30 minutes to walk once around, but if you tire, or just want to take in the scenery, there are seats along the path. Although the path is not completely flat, it is manageable for those with mobility aids, prams and children on bikes .

An extension to the path follows Eel Hole Creek and you can walk to Federation University or into the centre of town.




Mathison Park Churchill new-BBQMathison Park Churchill water bubbler

You can enjoy the picnic shelters, tables and BBQ facilities, including well looked after toilets and a water bubbler outside the toilet block.







Get Active?

 Mathison Park Churchill playground

Mathison Park Churchill fitness stationWalk the dog (please pick up after your pooch – bags outside the toilet block) , go for a jog, go for a bike ride, breathe the fresh air.

A playground for the kids and All Ages fitness station for the young at heart will get you active.



Fish?Mathison Park Churchill Junior-Fishing-Comp

Mathison Park Churchill Fishing

Try fishing in Lake Hyland. It’s a popular, stocked fishing spot and there are several platforms at the waters edge to fish from. You can identify what fish you catch by comparing them to the signs. Do be aware though that there is a daily bag limit and a licence is required. Sign posted near the park entrance.






Mathison Park Churchill Old-house-with-signage

Along the walkways, signs will tell you the story of the park and it’s farm history.

Also, check out the extensive plantings alongside the pathway with some signs with identification. Have a look through the lists of the flora and fauna that can be found in the park, which you can find here.

Mathison Park Churchill Plants used by the Gunnai People

A Koori Garden is near the old farmhouse with signs detailing the types of plants that the Gunnai  nation have used for thousands of years.






Mathison Park Churchill Sunset over the Lake

Mathison Park Churchill Wild birds - Coots

Observe and interact with the varied birdlife on your stroll. Waterfowl, ducks, egrets, the occasional pelican and other birds abound.

Fancy feeding the birds?

Stand on one of the 4 fishing/observation platforms and the birds will come to you (especially around lunch and dinner for people time)!

Enjoy the outdoors!

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